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Michael Wanzie
Executive Producer/Show Procurement

Kenny Howard
Artistic Producer/Show Procurement


Wanzie Presents functions as the sole booking agent for theatrical productions and other attractions presented in the Footlight Theatre at the world famous Parliament House Resort located in Orlando, Florida.  Such plays, musicals, and solo performers are most often presented during the 8PM theatrical time slot on Saturday evenings year round. Wanzie Presents is not affiliated with/nor handles bookings for the weekly female impersonation shows presented later in the evening in the same venue.

Wanzie Presents accepts and considers submissions from producers who have a show they may wish to present at the Footlight Theatre. Selected independently produced shows are then presented and publicized under the “Wanzie Presents” moniker, which is recognized by the Central Florida theater-going public as Wanzie’s and Kenny Howard’s personal stamps of approval on any given production to which the moniker has been attached.  “Wanzie Presents” acts as the Good House Keeping Seal Of Approval for theatrical productions. The words “Wanzie Presents” above the title does not imply that Wanzie himself has had a hand in creating or mounting the production being presented, but rather that the show was carefully selected by Wanzie and Howard and is heartily endorsed by them as having great entertainment value in keeping with Wanzie’s somewhat off-beat sense of humor and his own particular style of writing.

Interested parties may submit scripts/treatments, or theatre rental inquiries directly to Wanzie via email: WanzieMichael@yahoo.com


Wanzie Presents often produces its own shows primarily, but not limited to, plays and musicals written by Michael Wanzie or by Rich Charron (Music) & Michael Wanzie (Book & Lyrics) respectively.  Almost exclusively, critically acclaimed director Kenny Howard guides Wanzie Presents Productions from script reading to opening night.

When a show is actually being produced by Wanzie Presents, rather than simply presented by the entity, the words above the title will read “ A WANZIE PRESENTS PRODUCTION,” which most often will be followed by the words “Directed by Kenny Howard.”

Wanzie Presents has established and is nurturing a continuing relationship with Orlando-based D-Squared Productions – a multi faceted convention entertainment and production company – and will at times partner with D Squared Productions as co-producers of a given attraction.  Such shows are presented as “A WANZIE PRESENTS/D SQUARED PRODUCTION.”  D-Squared owner Doug White will often choreograph as well as contribute design work for these co-produced attractions.

The costumer of choice for most Wanzie Presents Productions is Orlando –based costume designer and fabricator Marcy Singhaus.

The theater of choice for the presentation of most Wanzie Presents Productions is the Footlight Theatre at the Parliament House Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Wanzie Presents Productions are often available for bookings in other markets.

Performing  rights are available for a number of Wanzie-penned plays and musicals for self production by other theaters and acting troupes. To peruse the Wanzie catalogue of plays and musicals please log onto:  www.WANZIEworks.com

Beginning in 2013, Wanzie Presents will solicit the submission of new works from unpublished American playwrights for its annual Off-The-Wall Playwriting Contest. The winning playwright will receive a cash award, in addition to a fully produced production of his or her play at the Footlight Theatre by Wanzie Presents, and complimentary lodgings should the playwright elect to attend the show but does not live in the greater Orlando area.  Further details will be included here as they become available. The contest will also be announced in the WANZeGRAM, Orlando area newspapers, various trade magazines, and in the annual Dramatists Guild catalogue.


For detailed information, poster art, and ticketing for upcoming and "now playing" attractions please visit our online BOX OFFICE

© Michael Wanzie