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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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A Note From Wanzie

“Accentuate the positive” - That is the theme of this one-department WANZeGRAM consisting only of this “A Note From Wanzie.”

In many respects 2016 was one of the worst shit storms of a year most of us have ever experienced, especially in the realm of loss. Although January 1, 2017 may be an arbitrary date on the calendar to some, I invite you to join with me in holding to tradition, thus embracing the belief that with the New Year come new beginnings; New Beginnings which we each may play a role in creating simply by choosing to re-invest in a couple of time honored concepts:


If like me you consider the event (which I will NOT be watching on TV) that will take place on the steps of our nation’s capital on January 20 as one of the single most upsetting, inconceivable, and foreboding moments in the modern history of The United States of America, then 2017 looms on the horizon like the Rocky Mountains must have appeared to early explorers; rising in the distance up from the Great Plains as an unanticipated obstacle of unimaginable proportions standing between progressive thinkers and their dream of a new and better life in the shining West.

For this reason alone it would be completely understandable that we might tip toe rather than gallop to greet 2017; a year which many of us whole-heartedly welcome as an end to a tumultuous and life-claiming 2016, yet at the same time tread into with great trepidation and great despair. But the thing is done. There seems to be nothing at this point in time that any of us can do to alter the fact that we are about to inaugurate the most inexperienced and uniquely unqualified, self-serving, childish, and mean-spirited individual to ever serve as President of our already-great country. The mere thought of this situation sickens me and fills me with despair, just as I am sure is the case with many of my WANZeGRAM Subscriber Friends.

So, might I suggest that together we accentuate the positive as we journey into 2017?

While I am not discounting or ignoring the very real need for critical analysis of what we failed to recognize or do that resulted in a - I can barely bring myself to type it - President Trump - I know the only way I can survive the next four years is to dedicate myself to positive endeavors and a belief that as a result of this four-years-or-less Presidency will come meaningful renewal.

Renewal is a concept to which I am clinging at this moment in time. I’m thinking of Mother Nature and how, for the long term heath and sustainability of Earth, a certain amount of devastation must be endured in order to replenish and renew. Along these lines I have made the decision to view the Trump presidency as a Wild Fire.

Providing he doesn’t say or do something that gets us all obliterated from the face of the planet, the impending devastation that a Trump presidency will surely bring may, in fact, serve to awaken a lethargic electorate and spur fresh growth in newly energized soil.

Just as with a naturally occurring wild fire, a Trump administration will leave stark devastation in its wake. Although it will not be due to Trump’s effective leadership or his finesse or skill, but rather due to his lack of these very attributes, our country will be stunned into rebirth.

Attributable to Trump’s campaign, already we are better able to discern those who think and live and vote and govern in the mindset of the “basket of deplorables” among us. And it is much easier to combat that which is known than that which is unknown.

Wild fires remove undergrowth, brush, and ground litter from a forest - in affect, “draining the swamp” just as Trump has promised he would do in Washington. I believe that swamp will be drained; not because Trump will do it, but because the American people will so clearly see those who align themselves with Trump. The Trump wild fire will leave the swamp burnt and barren and devoid of the foliage that has too long obscured our view of the last of the old guard who have stood far too long in opposition to the promise of youth.

As one environmentalist explained to the WANZeGRAM, “Wild fires return nutrients to the soil by burning dead or decaying matter. They also act as a disinfectant, removing disease-ridden plants and harmful insects from a forest ecosystem.”

So, I say, let the Trump fires burn. Let the devastation come. Let us be vigilant and pro-active in managing that fire as best we can to keep it from totally destroying our nation, but let’s allow it to burn. Let nature take its course, and by the end of his Presidency the decaying matter known as Donald Trump will himself be relegated to ash from which the actual rebirth will occur.

We brace ourselves. This wild fire has the potential to last four years. So we do our best to look toward to the day when the glowing embers left behind by the fire provide us the spark, the light, and the way to a brighter, better, and much more intelligent America then we seem to be at the moment.

In the meantime I don’t know about you, but the only way I can endure this impending fire is to be cognizant of it without getting completely embroiled in it. Toward that end I am claiming the period of the Trump presidency as a time for my own personal renewal, and I will do my best to great each new day of 2017 as the first day of the rest of my life. I encourage you to do the same.

May we all band together and be the ultimate antithesis of every vile thing that is Trump. Let’s be more mindful of the needs and concerns of our neighbors than we ever before have been. Let’s expand our volunteerism. Let’s make being kind a daily goal. Let’s support one another’s goals and celebrate one another’s accomplishments to a greater extent than we have ever before done. And let’s go out of our way to share a smile or lend a helping hand to those who have most been maligned during the Trump candidacy. The fire has only just been ignited, but we need not wait for it to be extinguished before reaping the benefits of those last remaining embers.

The best hope we have of surviving the fire storm that is upon us is to simply go out there and be everything the fire is not.

I’m WANZIE And That’s All I Wrote!

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